Home Cleaning Services

We provide quality and superior home cleaning services.
Our friendly and reliable cleaners are available 5 days a week in all Bayside and Brisbane suburbs.

These great packages are designed to meet the needs of all families and all lifestyles.

  • Regular Cleaning Package

    Our basic cleaning package is designed to keep your home clean and tidy on a regular basis.

  • Spring cleaning package

    Our spring cleaning package is an extensive deep clean designed to thoroughly clean your home and give it a fresh fragrant look and feel.  Our clients often request this before having guests and before seasons/celebrations.

  • Moving house cleaning package

    Our moving house package is designed on your need aimed to take the stress and worry on cleaning your old home and focussing on settling into your new home.  After all your packing, you are no doubt too tired to clean.  We will assist in cleaning the home to maximise the return of your bond/deposit.

We can also customize our services tailored to your needs.
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